I work with computers because I love them. I am a second-generation computer geek – my birth father was a pioneering programmer in the glory days of Atari and Apple. Ever since I got my first Apple IIe in 1983 and began learning the joys of working in a computer environment, I was hooked.

After making the switch to PCs in the early 1990’s, I quickly became an enthusiast of desktop customization and performance “tweaking”. I loved the concept of “popping the hood” of a PC and modifying to one’s heart’s content. I have never stopped.

I first went online in 1992, full of excitement about how this relatively new method of communication could be utilized to draw together people with common interests who might otherwise never connect. For several years, I actively participated in locally-based “BBS’s” (Bulletin Board Systems, chat-based systems from before the graphical Web was born).

Once the web began to capture my attention in the mid-90’s, I quickly found myself among the many who were fascinated with this new group of communication tools and once again joined several online communities.

The web had proven to be a fertile resource for self-service technical support, and as I began to research each computer-related issue I encountered, I found I was enjoying learning how a computer works from the inside out.

Soon enough I was building several computers from scratch and suddenly, friends were bringing me their computers, asking me to fix, configure, and upgrade them. I found that my love of community service was a great asset as I made the decision to start my own company helping people use their computers.

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, it became evident that it was time to dig into these next-gen devices and become as familiar with them as I am with PCs. I’ve owned both an iPad and Android tablets and have enjoyed using and customizing many Android smartphones. Whether it’s training someone to use one of them, or working to smoothly integrate the flow of digital information between devices, nowadays my practice involves these newer devices as much as desktop and laptop computers.

I’ve enjoyed assisting people with their digital lives since 1999; I also have become quite familiar with social media. As a photographer, I use products such as Adobe Lightroom and can provide basic to intermediate training on that. As a DJ, I am familiar with software tools such as Ableton Live and Traktor, as well as advanced media library management tools such as MediaMonkey. I find it all as rewarding as ever.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy looking around. If you find your digital life needs a little TLC, I’m here to help.